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Encoder Input
  • Up to 8 channels of encoder input
  • A, B, and Index signal inputs
  • 24 Bit counters, extendible to 32 bits in software 
  • Single-ended or differential (RS422 compatible) input signals 
  • The index pulse can be configured for normally high or normally low input 

Analog Output
  • Up to 8 channels of analog output
  • +10 Volt to -10 Volt span @ 28ma
  • 13 bit resolution

Digital Input and Output
  • 32 bit Opto-22 compatible, configurable in various input and output combinations 

Analog Input
  • 8 Channels of analog input
  • 13 bit resolution 
  • Configurable as +/- 10V or +/- 5V.

Interval Timers
  • Timer interval is programmable to 10 minutes in 25 microsecond increments 
  • Capable of interrupting the PC 

Battery Backup Input
  • Used to maintain encoder counting capability in event of a power failure so that re-initialization is not required when power is removed. 

Board Address Detection with IRQ Software Selectable
  • Used to determine the board base address automatically... without user interaction.
  • IRQ number is software selectable - no board jumper required

Watchdog Timer
  • Can be used to initiate servo shut-down in the case of a catastrophic computer malfunction

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