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IC References

Integrated circuits used:
Use the following links to get data sheets on the various chips used in the card
Function  I.C.  Manufacturer 
Digital I/O  82C55  NEC 
Timers  82C54  Intel 
Interrupt control  82C59  Intel 
Analog input  ADC1241 ADC12441  National Semiconductor 
Analog output  MAX547  Maxim Integrated Circuits 
Encoder counter  LS7166  LSI/CSI 
Encoder Buffer  26C32  Texas Instruments 

The board is simply and efficiently accessed by the use of a set of registers located in the I/O space of the PC. Connection to the outside is accomplished through four 50-pin connectors and one 2-pin connector. Connection to the PC is through the ISA bus.

If you need more information regarding the technical details of the hardware, you can go to our download area to get the entire hardware manual. The manual is in Microsoft Word format and details all aspects of the board including registers, connector pinout diagrams and usage.

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